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Garibaldi good or evil?

Garibaldi good or evil?
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunrise in Arizona

I am sure anyone who has ever traveled across country has experienced jet lag before, whether it be commercially or privately. This is the sunrise in Arizona and the only reason I was able to witness the beauty of the sunrise was because of that jet lag. I know that most people think of it as a nuisance but this time it payed off. I have never seen such a gorgeous sun rise. Not to mention that the couple that we were staying with were the most interesting people I have ever met! Next to my grandfather that is. Both of them had flown around the world and have known some of the most marvelous people that have walked this earth. The gentleman's name was Mark Rehbolz and he was the pilot of the Vickers Vimy in the Vintage air rally that went from Europe to Australia. Not only was Mark Rehbolz the pilot but his copilot was Steve Fosset!
If you do not know who Steve Fosset held 115 world records! Some have been superseded but most still stand. You might ask why he "held" them. He was in a tragic airplane accident in the sierra Nevada mountains. This just shows that when you stop at a family friends house you should always ask about what they have done with there life if the right time shows itself to ask. You might just find out that they have done some amazing things with there lives and could help you with yours.

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