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Garibaldi good or evil?

Garibaldi good or evil?
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Monday, July 19, 2010

The First Leg

When you fly from one end of the country to the other you are bound to have problems. Well, when I flew I experienced just that! The Sab Safire, even though it is a beautiful aircraft, is still a vintage airplane and with any "vintage" vehicle it has problems. I myself just acquired a 2002, 1976 BMW which was given to me but cost 3,000 dollars to get it to pass California's smog requirements, but it was worth every penny. I digress, the Sab Safire had battery problems and could not hold a charge. So, we could jump the airplane but could not start it off of the battery power by itself. Not to mention that once you had touched down and the R.P.M. in the motor went down the battery charge dropped so low that the radio would not function! It makes it hard to talk to the tower when you have no radio.
These pictures displayed above are from our first stop at Perry Foley airport where we could not start the airplane. So we had to spend the night and let the battery charge before trying again in the morning. Luckily the airplane did start up again and we were able to continue out of Perry Foley, North Florida and into its neighboring state Alabama.


  1. Jonas, I've taken many trips (although none as adventurous as this one) and I can tell you one thing: the set-backs are things you remember just as fondly as the good times. I once got completely lost driving in Richmond, Virginia. I was way behind schedule and ended up driving next to this beautiful river for more than an hour, with no idea where I was. (These were the days before GPS.) I got really frustrated.

    But now, guess what? I remember that hour of driving and the things I saw even more strongly than anything I did that day when I finally got to my destination. When I think of that day in Richmond I don't think of the basketball game I saw (the single most exciting sporting event I have ever been to) or what my friend and I did that night. I think about that drive along the river. One day you will think about this flight and probably cherish the memory of spending the night because the battery wouldn't start!

  2. Justin, I would have never thought about it that way? You are very right, I would not have had the chance to enjoy the experience and meet the people I did because of the battery being dysfunctional. Thanks for what you said, it makes a lot of sense.