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Garibaldi good or evil?

Garibaldi good or evil?
The Fish No Man Can Kill! (Protected by the Government)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Beginning or the End?

Imagine that two people wakeup at a random time and they have no idea what time of day it is, or if it is morning or night. These people look to the horizon and see that the sun is barely visible. There are two options, is it rising or is it setting? It sounds almost like, is the glass half full or is it half empty? It applies in almost the same way. Do you look forward into a new tomorrow and to a new beginning, or do you look to the end of the day where the worries of the day, and days to come are just dreams and memories.
Now, the person who thinks that it is morning arises and gets ready for a day of opportunity. The person who thinks that it is night goes back to bed to catch more shut eye before another day full of disappointments begins. Now even if the the person who thought it to be morning was wrong and it was still night, he still would have gotten up and gotten ready and realized, later, that he didn't need to get up for a few more hours and would go back to sleep. The question is even if the person who believed it was night was told it was time for the day to begin would he even get up?

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